Why does water damage happen?

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Several different situations can be the reason for unwanted water in your home. It can happen from leaking pipes to faulty appliances,

it is very important to identify the potential water damage causes. However, when disaster walkout, you can help reduce these difficult issues by calling the water damage restoration experts at Las-Vegas Cleaners.

Here are seven common causes of water damage in the home:


  1. Leaking/Burst Pipes
    One of the most common reasons for water damage in homes is due to leaking or burst pipes. This can be occurred from irregular water pressure, temperature changes or general decay of old pipes. Uninsulated pipes can also freeze in the winter, as a result, pipes to burst.
  2. Plumbing IssuesPlumbing problems tend to be the hardest to detect because the pipes and fittings are generally covered within your walls. Be conscious of dripping faucets, overflowing toilets, leaking and leaks around your tub and shower.
  3. Worn or Faulty Household AppliancesHot water tanks and laundry machines are the two maximum general appliances that cause water damage inside your home due to poorly hoses and cracked pipes. Although alternative household appliances, as well as your refrigerator and dishwasher, are also susceptible to deterioration and leaks.
  4. HVAC UnitsYour air conditioner must be serviced regularly. Lack of accurate maintenance could cause moisture accumulation, possibly resulting in a leak. The vapor can also serve as a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  5. Clogged SewerSewer is will not drain water completely if they have a blockage from debris such as leaves and branches. When this occurs, water flows over the sewer edges and runs down the side of your home. This can affair water to seep out the home around your basement.
  6. Toilet OverflowsClogged drain lines or the main gutter line can obstruct waste from flowing away from the home and occurs the toilet to overflow. This overflow is known as black (rubbish) water.

Gutter Backups 

Occasionally gutter systems can’t operate the volume due to heavy rains or other disasters. Main gutter lines can also have matters that prevent them from carrying waste water away. In either

a case, the gutter can back up into your home through floor drains, toilets, and sinks. This is an extremely significant condition that should be handled by a water restoration specialist to reduce the likelihood of health hazards.

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Why does water damage happen?

Several different situations can be the reason for unwanted water in your home. It can happen from leaking pipes to faulty appliances,

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